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In 1898 great-grandfather Theodor Zwecker first laid plans for the construction of a building meant to serve others as a temporary home away from home. As a man of independent means he hunted local game and what he shot was served to guests by his wife in the restaurant of Markgräfler Hof.

In the 1930s grandfather Theodor Zwecker took over the family business with his wife, Margarete Zwecker.

The Second World War broke out and Theodor Zwecker was drafted into the military. He was first sent to Russia, then was later captured and taken prisoner in France. His wife stayed back in Karlsruhe with their son, Theodor. After the end of the war in the early 1950s Markgräfler Hof offered a mixture of guest rooms and living quarters and had its own dining establishment.

From 1960 onwards son Theodor, together with his wife, Waltraud Zwecker, carried on the hotel tradition and in keeping with the standard of the times began installing individual bathrooms in the rooms.

Parts of the extended family lived in the hotel with the couple and together they worked hard to provide guests and travelers not only with traditional, home-style cooking but also a comfortable stay and proper accommodations.

In the 80s the restaurant closed down, but countless neighborhood restaurants opened up offering a variety of international cuisine.

Attention was now solely focused on lodging.

Theodor’s daughter, Gabriele, took over the hotel in 2000. Further remodeling and modernization measures followed.

Along with her husband, Marc Hagl, she oversees the bed and breakfast hotel in its fourth generation.